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Revolve Waste

Developing reliable data, insights, and connections
to drive the future of textiles


May 15, 2020, 11:45:07 PM

Emily Pham


REvolve began in Portland, Oregon, USA in 2013 and launched in The Netherlands in 2019. We work with other front-runners to take circular textiles to the next level. Our collaborative projects are designed to build upon the success (and failure) of developments in the sector over the past 5 years, level-up collective industry knowledge, standardize key data sets, and catalyze circular textiles.

Our founder has been working with multi-stakeholder teams to develop next-generation technologies and processes for more than a decade. Since 2013, Traci Kinden has cultivated a deep expertise in textile waste and recycling and probed the relationship between waste, product design, and new business models. She understands key enablers for circularity, the diverse spectrum of players involved, and the potential human value of textiles.

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