What's the Big Idea?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

When it comes to ideas, people sure do have a lot of them. Some of them might need some work (or maybe you're just ahead of you time) but some of them we need to start right now!

We Need You

You are the reason Constellation was created. People like you generate brilliant ideas all the time, but too many just stop right there! What you need is a platform. A way to express what you want to do by (believe it or not) actually doing it! We can't do much by ourselves, but if we work together, I know we'll go far.

Where to Start...

When you have an idea, Constellation has a multitude of options for you to utilize. You can:

  • Start a Project

  • Start an Initiative

  • Start a Campaign

  • Have an Event

  • Have a Disruption

  • Collaborate With Others About Your Idea

  • Get Feedback From the Forum and Our Team

  • Become a Writer to Tell Others

Most often, your idea will be able to be executed as a project, or an event.

If You Need Some Inspiration to Get Started

Check out Constellation's Youtube channel and see all the fun things we've done with sustainability so far!

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