Volunteer at Tres Rios with WEEL!

Looking for an outdoors volunteering activity?

Look no further than volunteering at the Tres Rios wetlands with the Wetland Ecosystem Ecology Lab run by the School of Sustainability's very own Dr. Dan Childers and lab manager Dax Mackay.

Caitlyn Finnegan, Tahiry Langrand, and Dax Mackay

Last month, I spent a Friday morning measuring primary productivity (oxygen level and reed height) at Phoenix's Tres Rios wetlands, which serves as a constructed wastewater treatment wetland, removing nitrogen and phosphorus in a sustainable and efficient way. As a volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to also measure above-and below-ground plant tissue nutrient analysis, transect-specific and whole-system water quality, direct transpiration measurements, soil biogeochemistry, and aquatic net primary productivity. For a deeper dive, look into undergraduate research opportunities through SURE.

Tres Rios is truly a desert oasis, over 250 bird species have been observed there!

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