USG-T 2021 John Hopkins Discusses Better Together and Sustainability

Hello! I am Emily Pham, and I am the social media manager at Constellation Sustainability. As Constellation is a student organization that seeks to create a network of sustainability groups and students, we engage with USG-T and maintain the importance of our readers and followers to know and educate themselves on the current executive tickets.

Thank you very much to John for taking his time out of his campaign to talk to us! Constellation does not endorse any particular candidate and keep this series for education purposes.

Tell me about yourself and what you’re involved in on campus.

Hi my name is John Hopkins and I’m a third year student studying Finance in the W. P. Carey School of Business, with a minor in Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership. My freshman year, I began my USG-T involvement in the Senate, representing W. P. Carey in the spring. I returned to USG my sophomore year as a Senator for W. P. Carey served as chairman of the University Affairs Committee and the Senate Pro-Tempore. In addition, I am passionate about Childhelp and their service to abused children; I have been involved with the nonprofit for over 15 years. I now sit on the executive board for the Childhelp AZ Young Professionals service group where I’ve worked to raise tens of thousands of dollars. I'm also a leader in Sigma Nu Fraternity where I’m the VP of Brotherhood and prior served as the VP of Internal Operations and Alumni Relations Chairman.

What inspired you to run for USG president?

USG leadership has been an important part of my college experience, and I’ve gained a big-picture perspective from being outside of USG, too. With both of these experiences combined with my love for ASU and school pride, I feel that I am the best candidate to make a difference in student government and on campus. Next year is uncharted territory as we emerge from COVID-19 restrictions, so now more than ever, it is essential to have an executive ticket that understands the needs of students and organizations.

Tell us about your campaign!

Our campaign is centered around 7 platform pillars which are communication, sexual assault prevention, sustainability, programming, COVID safety, and mental health. We believe that these 7 pillars must be a priority next year at ASU. We encourage everyone to read more about our platforms online at and on our Instagram page @votehopkins.

What are some of the first changes you’d make as a USG president? (doesn’t have to be sustainability-related)

My team believes that the biggest issue with USG is that not enough students know what USG is and how it operates. Marketing USG to all students will be a top priority because once students know what USG is and what it can do, they will start to utilize the resources of USG and other changes that we will implement next year.

How does sustainability fit into your campaign?

Sustainability is very important to our team. In fact, we thought it was so important that we made it one of our main platforms. We want to introduce something called Swipe Out Hunger, that allows students to donate unused meal swipes to a bank of swipes so that we can make sure that no meal goes to waste and that we are promoting economic sustainability. We also want to ensure that farmers markets on campus are marketed so students know when and where to support local agriculture. Introducing sustainability care kits at the beginning of the year is another tangible action item that we want to introduce, by giving on campus students sustainable tools at the beginning of the year, it should improve sustainable habits. Lastly, we want to make sure that sustainable clubs and organizations like this club has their initiative backed by USG in terms of funding as well as awareness. I urge you to read more about our sustainability platform online at for a more detailed plan.

What differentiates your campaign’s sustainability points from your competitors campaigns, as well as the previous administration’s?

I think that our team has actionable and tangible items that can be done. I spoke with other student body presidents from other universities to understand how other universities stay sustainable and plans to implement needed changes to our campus. Our team is the only ticket that has a full economic sustainability plan and we do not just promise to “promote sustainable habits.”

What do you think is ASU's most pressing sustainability issue?

ASU has several approved vendors, like 4imprint and Anton Sport, that have unsustainable practices. We throw several events daily on campus that use these vendors, and we inevitably implement unsustainable practices by association. USG needs to start working to introduce new vendors that have sustainable giveaways and manufacturing processes so that student groups have the option to buy their products from these new vendors. We need to start looking at the root cause for why events and organizations cannot be sustainable, and it starts with changing our suppliers of giveaways and systemically revamping our approach for events and organization processes. It’s a long road, but we need to start now.

What difficulties do you anticipate if you were to become USG president?

I think that the biggest difficulty will be dealing with COVID-19 and the university’s rules and regulations around it. Next year will bring more challenges for students, and my team and I are committed to advocating for a better student experience than last year.

If you could send a mass message to every student at the Tempe campus, what would say to them right now?

USG needs new voices, and we are running to implement real change as we emerge from a challenging year. Our platforms are tailored to improve the student experience and make ASU better together.

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