Making Sustainable Food Ecosystems at Universities

Hello changemakers!

I am making this post to share about a social change app that is already available on I-phone and hopefully soon on android as well. The intention of Bites | Eat With Your Tribe is to radically change the food system, and it has an emphasis of starting with students to lead this movement!

Students looking for affordable homemade meals use the app to request that another student at their school cook a meal for them. Students using the app don’t pay any tip, tax, service charge or delivery fee for the meals. They can get drop-off meals, meal prep services or in-home dining experiences (whether in their dorm, apartment, or shared house). Students with basic cooking skills, representing all cultures on campus, can use the app to get paid to cook simple meals for other students. And with any food order placed through this app, our social impact startup donates 100% of its own proceeds from the app back to your school so that your school can use the funds to grow food gardens on campus for the benefit of students like you.

Students and schools pay nothing to participate. We’re all about social impact and we want to help students get affordable homemade meals, while offering other students paid cooking gigs, and ultimately funding food gardens being grown on campuses like yours. To get started, here’s what you do: 1) download Bites | Eat With Your Tribe from the App Store; 2) visit our website to access all resources: (a) you’ll see a short video you can share with classmates and student organizations and dorms on campus, (b) you can download a complete information packet to share with school faculty, directors, career services, and student services, and (c) you can print this flyer and then share it with your school’s sustainability center, gardening club, newspaper staff, language departments, cultural clubs, radio station, student services, and anyone at your school who could benefit.

Please let us know how we can help you cultivate a sustainable food ecosystem by bringing Bites | Eat With Your Tribe to your campus.

If you’re open to it, we would love to have a short video chat with you to discuss what the possibilities could look like for students at your school. To schedule a Zoom video call please click on Roza Ferdowsmakan’s Calendly link here.

With love from your fellow activist and changemaker,

Jonah Ivy

(if you want to get involved, text or call me! 480-640-7771)

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