Episode 4: Good Health & Well-being - A Flow Theory Perspective ft Abigail Graves

This week I had a conversation with my Student Engagement Coordinator from the ASU School of Sustainability, Abigail Graves. She poses the thought many college students wonder about “consider the issues you want to work with and the people you are going to talk to because that is what you are going to go to work to every day.”

The Sustainable Development Goal I based this episode on #3 Good Health & Well-being. Being able to identify how we value our time, activities, and understand how we work best will allow us to have an easier time allocating time and energy into our daily tasks. When we are able to focus and excel in our own individual good health and well being, we are more equipped to work on the health and well being of our families, communities, and cities; working toward a sustainable lifestyle.

How do YOU think of your time? Graves explained to me several concepts including:

1. The different kinds of TIME STYLES, broken down into separate social orientations and how we FEEL due to our attitudes according to our chosen time style

2. FLOW THEORY by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, positive psychologist, and pioneer of flow theory. He, along with Dr. Martin Seligman, is known as one of the founders of positive psychology, which focuses on improving life and maximizing happiness and productivity.

3. How to keep up with our FLOW? Flow is the state of concentration and engagement that can be achieved when completing a task that challenges one's skills. Time seems to transform and move more quickly when we engage in a valued activity at the right challenge level.

4. PHASES OF CHANGE: How people move from not thinking about changing their behavior to starting to think about it, preparing, acting, then reflecting to either maintain or change the behavior.

5. STAGES OF CHANGE: Pre-contemplation > Contemplation > Preparation > Action > Maintenance

6. You ever wonder why making CHOICES is HARD? Visit 33:10 of the video

Additional Resources in the Youtube Description!


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