Episode 2: Applied Research, Global Citizenship & the Future of Sustainability Post-Pandemic

This week’s episode features Rob Melnick, a professor of practice at ASU’s School of Sustainability. He’s served in multiple sectors including private, nonprofit, government and academia. Above all, he is a great teacher and mentor. We talked about the importance of incorporating applied research in order to allow students to develop practical skills and use them to solve problems. Also, he explained the significance of being a ‘global citizen’ in order to approach sustainability challenges. To conclude the insightful conversation, Melnick provided his perspective on the future of ‘sustainability’ post-pandemic and offered ideas of what we can learn from COVID-19.

For some links to helpful resources visit the YouTube description. Also, let me know what sustainability-related topics you'd like to learn more about or suggest who to interview next. Do you want to have an organic conversation on Sustain-A-Sene? SEND A MESSAGE!

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