The Constellation Story

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Our organization was founded for many reasons, but one in particular stands out and drives us ever onward. We are here to do what everyone does in one way or another: to connect.

Photo by Michelle Schwartz

In the Beginning...

We were a ragtag team of college students who had come from far and wide to inconspicuous Tempe, Arizona because of a thing that most of us had only just heard about. Personally, I had only heard about sustainability a few months before I decided to move across the country to start a new life dedicated to this... idea.

During my first few months at Arizona State University in Tempe, I met dozens of people, and made many amazing friends. I joined a few clubs and tried weird new things. I was accepted into the school of sustainability as were many of the people I had come to call my friends.

We were all still pretty fresh because most of us were transfers from another school or another state, and so sustainability remained an interesting epitome. Then, at a meeting of the Campus Student Sustainability Initiatives club, an idea was born to make this abstract, nebulous concept something more.

The Network Project Was Born

You wouldn't believe the names that this project has had, in fact it's a bit of a running joke. The Tri-University Sustainability Summit Coalition Network Project takes the cake for longest, but nevertheless, from a concept of a concept of a concept, this project took form in the latter half of 2018.

Initially it was just the four of us. We would be the spark that set of a reaction of intrigue, awareness, and action. Constellation is abouting connecting people, but so is Facebook and Instagram and countless other sites. So we went a step further, which was a step that needed to be taken in this time of uncertainty and change. We connect people, but we connect people for a purpose.

As a human, I know that I share at least something in common with every other human on the planet, even if it is just that we are both people. As for everyone else, there is this thing... this idea, this desire; to go and to do. Apart from to be, those are the most used verbs in any language, so of course they must be important.

So Constellation was created to let people DO things. Of course, we can talk about them and share them and reminisce about them here to, but doing things is what sets us apart.

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