Granite Reuse with Greenlight Solutions & Stardust Building Supplies

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Kait Speilmaker

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Greenlight solutions


Tempe/Mesa, Arizona

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Stardust building supplies provides affordable, reclaimed building supplies to the community at deeply discounted costs. They assist in removing materials from remodels, anything from microwaves to granite countertops. Sometimes, in that process, the granite countertops break. If the broken pieces are deemed unsellable, they are forced to landfill the countertop pieces. On any given month, they estimate throwing out a full 40 yd shipping container full of granite.

The GreenLight Solutions team was tasked with finding community partners who would be willing to take the granite and fine a new use for it, while hopefully providing Stardust with a new revenue stream. To do this, the team connected with 54 different local fabricators, fabricating schools and art educators, gravel distributors/quarries, and artists. The team soon found that fabricators and fabricating schools face a similar problem of excess granite waste, and gravel distributors/quarries cannot take any material with an unknown source or purity. Artists were the most responsive group and became a critical community partner.

As a result of this partnership, Stardust agreed to create a bin of granite for artists to have access to for a small donation. The GreenLight team created social media graphics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (Stardust's, three most active social media accounts). Stardust received these social media templates to advertise the granite program as well as the list of all businesses contacted by the team. Finally, they received the contact information for A&E Recycled Granite, who is developing a program to reuse granite countertops in the coming years.

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